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What to Wear to a Photo Shoot

Coordinate rather than match

When styling a photo session, I recommend picking a color palette and having the family work around it. It often works best to start with mom. Let her pick what she feels most beautiful in and the rest of the family work around her!

Add a Pop of Color

With a neutral or single-color palette, it can work to add a pop of color, adding interest and pizzazz to an otherwise calm color scheme.


Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Pay attention to accessories! Add scarves, jewelry, jackets, sparkles, bowties, special shoes, boots, vests, hair bows, or flowers. Accessories will add interest and dimension to your photos! For a more stylized and lasting portrait, go bold with vintage wear.

Be Careful with Patterns

Patterns are great!  Just be sure they are small and tight so as not to distract from the subject!

Go Heavier with Makeup 

For ladies, I always recommend going darker and heavier with make-up than usual. This applies especially to lipstick and mascara. (Do not go heavier with eyeliner as it can make the eyes look smaller)

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You Can't go Wrong with Blue

If you are still struggling to come up with a color palette... go with shades of blue.  It coordinates beautifully and blue looks good on everyone!   This is my family, by the way! :-)


What Colors Should I Avoid?

I recommend staying away from black and orange.  Light and airy colors will make for softer and more pleasing images!

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